What are the implications of Apple’s successful patent litigation for Android?

Finally the mobile telephony wrangle over the iPhone/Smartphone patent has been resolved in favour of Apple. Naturally Samsung intends to contest the jury’s verdict, and will launch an appeal immediately. Google’s take on the legal issue, however, is interesting.  Google has said that it does not want the ruling in the Apple-Samsung patent lawsuit to […]

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Ofcom gives Orange the green light to launch an early 4G service on its existing bandwidth

Is Ofcom’s decision to give the Everything Everywhere network the go-ahead to launch its 4G service on its existing spectrum good news for businesses and consumers, or bad news for its fellow network competitors? Well, depending on who you speak to, the answer seems to be both. Ofcom and Everything Everywhere believe that the launch […]

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Reach is more important than speed in connected broadband-Britain claim Peers

The government’s broadband strategy has received criticism from some quarters; however, the latest sniping remarks from a House of Lords committee will hurt more than most. The communications committee stated in its latest report that the focus of the government’s strategy is flawed and that unless prompt action is taken it risks leaving many rural […]

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Deciphering unified communications: business benefits in simple terms

If you cast a glance round many offices these days, you’re still likely to see colleagues making calls from their desks using their mobile phones. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a minor problem in this age of unified communication, yet, according to a Mitel survey, 48 percent of people are still doing this […]

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Are all broadband connections equal, or are some more equal than others?

What does the term broadband mean to the average person? Do we simply use the term to refer to any generic internet connection, or are talking specifically about high-speed or superfast broadband? Well, the problem is the majority of people are unsure: broadband unfortunately can mean many things to many people. Originally the term referred […]

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Cumbria rejects the joint BT

Many critics of the government’s tendering system to provide high speed broadband for remote rural areas have argued for some time now that the process was uncompetitive and that major companies like BT and Fujitsu had counties like Cumbria in the bag with respect to the counties BDUK project. Those suspicions were, however, finally dispelled […]

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The EC threatens to stiffen ISP Net Neutrality rules

The European Commission has responded to Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC’s) final report into Net Neutrality and proposed to stiffen industry guidelines through ‘strong and targeted action’ and accepted that it is the duty of the Commission to deliver more ‘effective consumer choice’. The principal of treating all internet traffic as equal, […]

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What advantages can high speed broadband bring to businesses?

The internet is essential to most of us these days. It’s become so necessary in fact that life appears to fall apart every time there is a problem with our connection. It’s understandable therefore that we all get frustrated when the speed of our internet connection suddenly drops. However, business owners probably get more frustrated […]

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The South West of England appears to lead the way in the business adoption of cloud computing

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of companies turning to cloud computing to increase the cost-effectiveness of their business. It’s hardly surprising when you consider the type of benefits that the technology brings: the cloud facilitates collaboration, increases flexibility and productivity, cuts IT costs and is easy to scale for improved operational […]

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Why is cloud communication good for business?

The aim of every business is to grow. However, many smaller businesses struggle to compete with the bigger players in their sector, especially at times of economic uncertainty. Smaller businesses do not have the same resources available to invest in enterprise communications, so they have never really been able to compete on a level playing […]

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