70 percent of UK businesses will be using VoIP by 2013

Telappliant, a leading UK internet provider for small to medium sized businesses has recently released the findings of a new survey which reveals that almost 70 percent of UK businesses will be using VOIP telephony services by 2013. The study, which questioned 100 UK businesses from a mixture of various industries, showed that 41 percent […]

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Is VoIP responsible for poor call quality, or is it the fault of other technological-related issues?

VOIP is often mistakenly blamed for call quality or reliability issues with phone and call centre systems, but in reality voice over IP is more than adequate for carrier-class communications. If evidence were ever needed that the technology works, then you need look no further than cloud-based call centres.

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What advantages can a VoIP communication system bring for small businesses?

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is becoming increasingly popular with all types of businesses. VoIP phone systems convert regular telephone calls into digital data, and deliver voice communications over the Internet, or a packet-switched network. VoIP phone services have become increasingly sophisticated, and fortunately the initial teething problems of the technology seem to have been […]

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Utilising VoIP strategies and incorporating ‘green’ video conferencing technology will improve business efficiency claims the Chartered Institute for IT

More businesses are likely to implement voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services this year as councils in the UK begin to roll out their plans for superfast broadband. The councils have received backing from the government which wants to see UK businesses compete on an equal footing with their European counterparts, and has pledged over […]

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Voice over internet protocol will shape the future of mobile development claims telecom industry expert

There’s been much trumpeting of voice over IP over the last few years. Some industry insiders claimed it would revolutionise communications strategy for the better: others remained to be convinced, claiming it could never live up to its billing because the technology was not sufficiently robust. However, it’s fair to say that those who doubted […]

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The Welsh Assembly and private enterprise invest in high-speed broadband to drive business growth

It’s all going on in Wales at the moment. Google has teamed up with the Welsh government to stimulate the presence of Welsh business online, and the authorities are pressing ahead with plans to put Wales at the forefront of the information super-highway. 

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Can VoIP and cloud computing be mutually beneficial?

Cloud computing and voice over internet protocol are often seen as 2 separate and independent technologies. Both technologies offer many benefits for individual users, and are particularly effective in a business environment. Cloud computing delivers computing power with all its consequent advantages to a large audience through a large internet network.

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VoIP solution users could benefit from a £100 million government scheme

Users of voice over IP (VOIP) solutions and other telecommunications devices will benefit in cities where a new government offer is taken up. The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has launched a scheme that allows British cities to claim a share of £100 million in order to carry out broadband upgrades: he eight core […]

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Skype calls on Ofcom to regulate mobile phone providers blocking VoIP calls from their networks

Skype Technologies SA unit will up the pressure on British mobile-phone operators in an attempt to force negotiations to stop them blocking Internet-based, or voice over IP calls from their networks after the UK’s regulatory body indicated it may intervene if no solution is reached soon.  Ofcom, the body which oversees the British telecom system, […]

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The 5 major causes of poor VoIP call quality and how to cure them

VOIP (voice over IP) has been around for a number of years now and has largely lived up to expectations, delivering flexible and cost-effective communications that are infinitely preferable to the services provided by traditional telephone systems. Many businesses have switched to VoIP to avoid traditional phone lines and to cut the cost of long […]

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