Texting is now officially more popular than mobile or landline calling claims Ofcom

There has been a suggestion for some time that texting was the most popular means of communication for people and businesses, but that feeling has until recently been based purely on anecdotal evidence. However, Ofcom, the UK telecom regulator, has now officially confirmed that this popular hunch is in fact correct. People and businesses do prefer to text rather than call. It’s no surprise that texting is far more popular than calling from a landline, but what might come as something of a shock is that it is also far more popular than mobile calling too. Ofcom noted that the texting trend shows no signs of slowing down, and that mobile calls have fallen by 1 percent over the last 6 months whilst landline calls have dropped by as much as ten percent.

Ofcom claims the change is due mainly to the growth in the ownership of smartphones. The preference for texting is unsurprisingly most obvious amongst the 16 to 24 year age group, but there is also evidence that businesses are increasingly turning to texting because it is viewed as more responsive and convenient. However, the sting in the tail for many people is that they often have to pay a higher price for this convenience, as their texting allowance is bundled in with their call and download allowances. Ofcom has therefore stressed that it is important for smartphone users to ensure they are on the right contract.

Ofcom claimed earlier this year that it believes mobile phone users could be wasting as much as £5 billion needlessly every year, simply because they are on the wrong tariff. The reason for such unnecessary wastage is laid firmly at the door of the complexity of mobile contracts: according to the regulator there are too many operators and too many contract types, meaning there are hundreds of thousands of different deals on offer, many of which are inappropriate for the user’s needs. Moreover the Bill Monitor group claims that it is far easier to be on the wrong mobile contract than it is to be on the right one.

So, how can Think7 help you and your business get greater value for money from your mobile contract?

Billmonitor.com has created an online application which lets users analyse their mobile habits and preferences and determine whether they are getting value for money from the services they subscribe to. It will then analyse all the contract deals in the market to match the user to exactly the right contract so they paid no more than they need to. Billmonitor.com claims that if the right contract is found, then the UK average monthly bill would drop from £36.59 to £24.26: for the 76 percent of people they it claims are currently on the wrong contract, this would equate to a saving of at least £194.71 per person per year on average. Imagine then how much it could potentially save businesses?

Think 7 always like to stay one step ahead of the communications game. We recognise good ideas and follow best practice. That’s why we now offer this service for all our customers, on top of our other mobile telephony optimisation services. We want to help all our customers to choose the right deal and get the best value for money.

Think 7 mobile telephony services

  • All networks provided
  • Flexible airtime agreements
  • All major phone brands supplied
  • Mid- -term contract reviews

Should you require any further information on the services we offer, please feel free to call us on 08448 870270, or complete the online enquiry. We look forward to speaking to you and discussing ways we can help you save money and take your business’ communication technology to the next level.

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