Mobile telecommunications: the ‘wrong’ contract

There’s a well-known saying that tells us that consumers can never have too much choice. It’s wormed its way into the public consciousness to such an extent, that we now accept the statement at face value. More choice we’re told means better service and value for money. However, a group of mathematicians from Oxford would […]

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Communications what will 2012 bring to the party?

Many of us start to get a little nostalgic at this time of year and cast our minds back over the events of the previous 12 months. Some things will have gone well: others less so. Yet businesses can’t rest on their laurels. They need to look to and plan for the future: that’s particularly […]

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How can unified communications help your business prosper?

Unified communications software is advancing at a pace and taking voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) technology to the next level. The technology is transforming ordinary business phones and desktop computers into a virtual communications platform. The next generation of unified VoIP promises more features and collaboration tools to enhance the way we work and communicate. […]

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Unified communications news

Does the sustainability of VOIP depend on 4G? It’s long been argued that the future success and sustainability of VoIP will depend largely on the deployment of the technology over 4G mobile networks. A leading communications organisation now claims that this is no longer arguable, it’s indisputable.

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Research shows that there is growing worldwide interest in unified communications amongst SMBs, but few as yet are embracing fully integrated UC packages.

New research from International Data Corporation (IDC) has found that there is increasing evidence that small and medium-sized business (SMB) interest in a broad range of enterprise and consumer communications capabilities is continuing to grow at a steady pace. IDC is a subsidiary of IDG, the world’s leading technology media, research, and events company, and […]

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Why is a unified communications strategy so vital for business efficiency?

It might seem difficult to believe, but there was a time, not that long ago, where you only had 3 means of communicating with another business colleague or acquaintance. You could either call them for a quick chat, write to them if the matter was more complicated, or arrange a face-to-face meeting should the matter […]

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What exactly are smartphones, and how are they changing the face of mobile telecommunications?

How many times have you heard the term smartphone or feature phone, or mobile broadband or WiFi connectivity? The answer is probably quite a lot. The thing is for many people the growth of the smartphone and Android phone kind of sneaked up on them. Obviously it’s been gaining momentum over the last few years, […]

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What is Cloud communication?

Cloud communication is more than simply VOIP, hosted PBX or Unified Communication: it’s an entirely new way to build, deploy and scale enterprise communications. Cloud communication refers to internet voice and data communications accessed over the public internet, where telecommunications applications, switching and storage are hosted by an external third party. The term Cloud services […]

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What are the advantages of integrating landline and mobile technology?

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) has dramatically improved business communication technology in recent years and its use is becoming increasingly widespread. It was introduced as a concept in 2004 and marked a transition point in the telecommunications industry, finally removing the distinction between fixed and mobile networks. FMC allows businesses to integrate their fixed landlines and […]

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What is a communications strategy?

Businesses need to talk to their customers. That’s always been the case, and always will be. What’s important is not just what you say to your customers, but also how you communicate and deliver this message. A good communication strategy needs to be efficient and cost-effective. Communication, however, should never be an end in itself, […]

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