About Us

Think Seven Limited is one of the North West’s leading communication technology strategists. We have proven experience in providing professional one-stop solutions for all your business communications needs. We like to do things differently and offer simple solutions for even the most complex problems. We certainly believe in straight-talking, and it’s this no-nonsense approach that has brought us acclaim and recognition within the industry.

Making sense of communication in today’s high-tech world can be a daunting proposition. Understanding how various technologies can best benefit businesses is a job best left to the experts. Think7 has this proven expertise and has successfully developed strategies that look at both the functionality of your business as it stands today, whilst also keeping an eye on the future, to improve your communication strategy and infrastructure both in the short and longer term.  What’s more, we’ll explain every action we undertake in clear and simple terms.

Think7 prides itself on its levels of service and aftercare. We don’t believe our duty stops once we receive a contract: on the contrary, that’s when we feel our real work begins. Throughout the course of the contract, we’ll review the level of service we provide and revise it in line with your business’ expectations to ensure that your objectives are all always achieved, if not exceeded. Our aim is to ensure that your communication strategy is future-proofed, that’s why we build scalability into our packages as a matter of course.

Honesty is always the best policy. Whilst our word is our bond, it’s worth pointing out that we can never guarantee that there won’t be hitches along the way. Technology, unfortunately, is prone to these problems: it’s just a fact of life. However, what we can guarantee is that should any technical hitches or problems occur, we will do our utmost to fix them. Our promise is that we will pull out all the stops to resolve any problems and get your business back up and running smoothly as quickly as possible.

With all our solutions planning for the unexpected is a prerequisite. Whilst modern technology is very reliable nothing can be 100% guaranteed, so we plan for the times when problems may occur with built in redundancy and disaster recovery scenarios. This ensures that your business will experience very little, if any, interruption should things go wrong.