What are the implications of Apple’s successful patent litigation for Android?

Finally the mobile telephony wrangle over the iPhone/Smartphone patent has been resolved in favour of Apple. Naturally Samsung intends to contest the jury’s verdict, and will launch an appeal immediately. Google’s take on the legal issue, however, is interesting.  Google has said that it does not want the ruling in the Apple-Samsung patent lawsuit to […]

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Ofcom gives Orange the green light to launch an early 4G service on its existing bandwidth

Is Ofcom’s decision to give the Everything Everywhere network the go-ahead to launch its 4G service on its existing spectrum good news for businesses and consumers, or bad news for its fellow network competitors? Well, depending on who you speak to, the answer seems to be both. Ofcom and Everything Everywhere believe that the launch […]

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Texting is now officially more popular than mobile or landline calling claims Ofcom

There has been a suggestion for some time that texting was the most popular means of communication for people and businesses, but that feeling has until recently been based purely on anecdotal evidence. However, Ofcom, the UK telecom regulator, has now officially confirmed that this popular hunch is in fact correct. People and businesses do […]

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