Mobile telecommunications: the ‘wrong’ contract

There’s a well-known saying that tells us that consumers can never have too much choice. It’s wormed its way into the public consciousness to such an extent, that we now accept the statement at face value. More choice we’re told means better service and value for money. However, a group of mathematicians from Oxford would […]

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The Red Rose County leads the way for rural broadband

What claim to fame can the Red Rose County of Lancashire boast about, other than being the home of the current county cricket champions? Well, you might be surprised to learn that Lancashire isn’t just a major force in the sporting arena: it’s also leading the way when it comes to technology and modern communications. […]

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Is litigation to blame for the delay in the arrival of 4G in the UK?

The UK lags some way behind the United States and many parts of developed Western Europe when it comes to modern digital infrastructure. That’s particularly true for the adoption of high speed internet and the roll out of the 4G spectrum. Unfortunately whilst the UK languishes in the digital slow lane, our nearest neighbours are […]

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LSE Report suggests the government’s targets for UK high speed broadband will not be met

One of the coalition government’s biggest pledges related to the provision of high speed broadband for everyone during the its five year term in office. It pledged that every home and business would have a guaranteed 100 percent access to fast broadband and a 90 percent access to superfast services by 2015. However, a recent […]

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