Skype calls on Ofcom to regulate mobile phone providers blocking VoIP calls from their networks

Skype Technologies SA unit will up the pressure on British mobile-phone operators in an attempt to force negotiations to stop them blocking Internet-based, or voice over IP calls from their networks after the UK’s regulatory body indicated it may intervene if no solution is reached soon.  Ofcom, the body which oversees the British telecom system, […]

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Is the government on target to meet its commitment to high speed broadband for all?

It’s widely accepted that high speed broadband is vital for modern businesses. It’s seen as the key driver for employment creation, driving business growth and generating wealth. Without access to superfast broadband, it’s accepted that UK businesses will lag behind their European counterparts. The Coalition Government has consistently confirmed its commitment to high speed broadband […]

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Unified communications news

Does the sustainability of VOIP depend on 4G? It’s long been argued that the future success and sustainability of VoIP will depend largely on the deployment of the technology over 4G mobile networks. A leading communications organisation now claims that this is no longer arguable, it’s indisputable.

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Why is next generation broadband so important for UK business

Since broadband first became available in the UK in the early 1990’s, it has had a significant impact on the UK economy. The UK leads the European Union as the country with the greatest number of businesses selling products and services online. It is arguably one of the most competitive markets for communications in the […]

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Cloud communication: are the majority of SMEs still living in the technological dark ages?

In spite of the hype surrounding cloud communications, a recent study has concluded that far from embracing the technology, the majority of UK small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) are reluctant to commit to and adopt new technologies like tablets and cloud computing. Many SMEs blame this reluctance on either a lack of available money […]

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