Should more small businesses switch to VoIP technology to save costs?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has become one of twenty first century’s most powerful business technologies. It’s achieved this because it offers an extremely cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to conventional land-line telephone systems. Increasingly, VoIP in the Cloud, also known as Hosted VoIP, has emerged as the most popular way for small to medium-sized businesses […]

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Shouldn’t remote working with hosted VoIP services be the automatic choice for businesses?

Given a choice, any worker would prefer to work from home rather than face the commute to and from work each day. Obviously some employers are sceptical about the value of providing this service to their workers, as they feel the results and effectiveness of the policy may be difficult to both justify and verify. […]

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One in three adults in the UK now own and use smartphones

According to an Olswang report in early 2011, the rate of smartphone adoption was accelerating at a pace: as of March 2011, 22% of all UK consumers had a smartphone: the percentage of people using smartphones in the 24 -35 age group was considerably higher standing at 31%. Growth in demand for advanced mobile devices […]

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VoIP growing at a faster rate than video streaming according to a new report

VOIP and instant messaging (IM) grew faster in the first half of 2011 than video streaming, it has been revealed. Voice over Internet Protocol, Voice over IP or VoIP is one of a family of telecommunication and internet technologies, communication protocols, and transmission technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet […]

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What is 21 CN or next generation broadband?

broadband first became available in the UK in the early 1990’s, and has had a significant impact on the UK economy. The UK leads the European Union with the most number of businesses that sell products and services online. However, the way that individuals and businesses access the internet has changed dramatically in recent years. […]

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