Telephone and Mobile Solutions

Think7  is one of the areas leading communication consultancies. We are experts in our field with a proven track record over the last 10 years, and provide an independent and impartial service to organisations throughout the North-West of England.

Our aims

Think7  Consultancy offers a complete consultancy package for all your business communication needs. We look in detail at your organisation’s communication structures and analyse and appraise the current state of your communication technology. We’ll also make recommendations about how your organisation might improve its existing structures and offer helpful advice about the all the available options to modernise and improve your communication infrastructure.

Our services

Think7  will take an in-depth look into every aspect of your business’s communications structures, and will analyse, assess and make recommendations about every area of the existing communication platform. We’ll specialise in the assessment of the following communications channels:

  • Fixed line
  • Mobile
  • Digital
  • Analogue
  • Internal lines
  • External lines

What can Think7 do for your business?

We honestly believe you’ll benefit from the wealth of experience that our consultants can bring to your business. We promise to deliver the most up to date and efficient technology packages available, suitable for the remit of your core business objectives.

More and more of our work is focussing on Unified Communication (UC).  The definitions and boundaries of UC are blurred: in fact the concept itself is difficult to come to terms with. Think7’s aim is to simplify and demystify these complexities and highlight those aspects that we feel will bring both financial and operational benefits to your business. We focus our efforts on delivering only the aspects that will add value to your business.

With our extensive portfolio of communication services and strategic partnership arrangements, Think7 is in a position to offer you independent advice on every aspect of your communication strategy.  What’s more we’ll outline our plans in language and terminology you can understand.

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